Square Dance Event Online Registration


No more printing PDFs and sticking them in the mail. Enjoy the convenience of registering and paying for your favorite events online!


Imagine:  No more lost-in-the-mail forms.  No more illegible forms.  No more math errors leading to incorrect amounts sent in.  No checks to deal with.  Automatic deposit of monies due the event.

At NO cost to the promoter.  EVER.

What it costs

We’re square dancers ourselves. We know it’s the best entertainment value around. We keep costs low as we would hate for someone to miss an event that’s priced just a few dollars out of their budget.

We take the price of an item, be it an admission ticket, a product, a t-shirt, a excursion trip, a meal voucher — basically anything the event wants to sell — and add the credit card processor’s fee of 2.90% per item + $0.30 per total order.  Weave The Ring’s Fee is 1.8% per item.

We can break the fees out separately for dancers or include them in the final price.  Event organizers can get an idea of how much to charge to including processing charges by clicking here.

Dancers get the convenience of online registration and payment.  Promoters receive the entire amount of a registration / sales item they requested.