71st National Square Dance -- Tours -- Evansville, Indiana

June 22-25, 2022

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway TourVisit the IMS Museum and take a tour around the Brickyard! Stop at the Start/Finish Line and kiss the “Yard of Bricks”. Tour includes a box lunch. Available: Tuesday June 21 $120.00 per person$120.00
Vincennes, Indiana TourVisit the Red Skelton Museum; the George Rogers Clark Memorial and Grouseland Mansion (the home of future President William Henry Harrison when he was the territorial Governor.). Lunch will be at Dogwood BBQ (cost not included in tour price, inexpensive) Available: Tuesday June 21 / Thursda...$105.00
New Harmony, Indiana TourHistoric New Harmony was settled in 1814, New Harmony was first a spiritual sanctuary for the Harmonie Society and then a haven for international scientists and scholars led by Robert Owen in 1825.  Take a walking tour of this historic town.  Check out the Labrinth!  Lunch will be at the Hilltop Inn...$75.00
Wilstem Animal Safari TourTake a tour through the wildlife area with a 40 species of animals from alpacas to zebras.  You will be able to feed some of them as you ride though the area.  You may see giraffes and elephants!  Visit the Roos and Crews barn to see more.  For an extra fee, you can walk with kangaroos!  Lunch at th...$115.00
Margengo Cave TourTake not one but two cave tours!  Marengo Cave is a U.S. National Landmark.  One of the tours you will see “Caller’s Rock”.  Square dances were held here in the late 70’s and early 80’S.  Lunch will be at the El Napalito Restaurant in Corydon (not included in the tour price, moderate). Available:...$100.00
Toyota Factory Tour and Angel MoundsTake a guided tour of the Toyota factory where several current models are in production.  Then on to Angel Mound in Evansville.  This site is where the original Native American tribes in the area settled along the Ohio River.   No meal on this tour. Available Wednesday June 22 $70 p...$70.00
Toyota Factory Tour and Dubois County MuseumTake a guided tour of the Toyota factory where several current models are in production.  Then on to the Dubois County museum in Jasper.  The Dubois County Museum is the largest County Museum in the state of Indiana with more than 41,000 items and an annual visitation that exceeds 12,000 visitors pe...$100.00
Historic CorydonTour the first state capitol. You will have a guided tour and see many of the original buildings!  You will have lunch (included) with the first Governor and his wife in period costume at the first state office building.  See “Constitution Elm” under which the Indiana Constitution was signe...$110.00
Davies County Amish TourTake a tour of Indiana Amish country.  Your tour will be led by a member of the Old Order Amish community.  You will visit a quilt shop, an Amish Bakery, an Amish General Store, and a harness shop.  The highlight of your tour will a wonderful Amish meal in an Amish home!  Cameras are welcome, but PL...$95.00
Squire Boone CavernsTour this historic Cavern.  This was originally owned by Squire Boone, brother of Daniel Boone.  There is a grist mill, rock shop and a candle shop.  The tour is really great.  A word of caution – at the end of the tour you will go up a spiral staircase of 73 steps.  (Your General Chairman’s wife ha...$87.00
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