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2019 Gatlinburg Getaway

$35 Per Person through August 1, 2019. Price goes to $40 per person after that. $45 per person at the door.


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Evening Plus Square Dancing
Round Dancing
Line Dancing

Saturday Daytime Workshops and Dances
Plus / A2 / Rounds

Jack Pladdys / Matt Worley

Bonnie Lawrence

Barb and Time Bennett

$40.00 $35.00
2020 Ohio Dance Convention -- Honda Heritage Tour

Honda Heritage Tour

Tour includes transportation, lunch, custom presentation for the group, and a self-guided tour of the Honda Heritage Center.

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2020 Ohio Dance Convention -- Wyandotte Winery Tour

Wyandotte Winery Tour

Tour includes transportation, lunch, tour of the winery, wine tasting, and a glass of wine.

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Pam Courts Donation

Most of you know the trials and tribulations Pam has experienced the past couple years. First the strokes, then kidney failure (she does dialysis daily now), she lost her job, and became full-time caregiver to her parents who have both recently passed 55 days apart. Her Dad passed on Dec 27 and her Mom February 20. To complicate matters, Pam’s Mom had been in the hospital since her Dad passed. Pam had to cancel most of her dances to be with her Mom until the end. Pam’s only source of income for the past year is calling dances (and we all know how well that pays . . . ) This, combined with the financial strain from her health issues, has fueled the need for a fundraiser. In the past, when we wanted to organize a fundraiser, Pam asked us not to. But now it’s time to just do it and show how much the Dance Community loves her.

100% of your donation will go to Pam. Weave The Ring is absorbing all the credit card processing costs.

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