I called this site “Weave The Ring” because I couldn’t spell “Relay The Deucey”.

I first started square dancing in 1978 while stationed at the Patrol Squadron 93 (VP-93) at the Naval Air Facility Detroit in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.  My then-wife had been a clogger in high school.  She accompanied me through classes led by Roger . . . who’d never called a single tip prior to our class.

Who among us hasn’t 
forgotten if they’re a head or a side?

Relationships evolved and sometimes withered, duty stations changed, occupations shifted, because that’s what Life’s about.   After a multi-decade long absence, I discovered I’d like to get back to dancing.

During those changes and that absence I developed many talents and skills.  One of those skills was building websites.

It was as frustrating as a doing a blind-folded Spin Chain Thru.

It appeared Square Dancing hadn’t changed much since I’d first started.  In some ways, that’s good.  Nice to get back to “what you know.”  On the other hand . . .

In attempting to register for different dances I wanted to attend — including the National Square Dance Convention (!!!) — I found there was no way to do so online.  Most events want the dancer to print out a form and mail it to the event with a check.  

A check??  I haven’t written a check in over 30 years.   I don’t have envelopes or stamps either.  (I have no idea what a stamp even costs.)

In the days of using a web browser on your cellphone to, say, buy a couch and have it delivered within an hour, I surely couldn’t be alone in wanting to use 21st century technology for the art of Square Dancing.

I made it as easy as a, well, Weave The Ring.

I put those website-building skills of mine to work and I built “Weave The Ring.”  The site will provide convenience to Square Dancers, the clubs they belong to, and the events they want to attend.

It’ll also make easier the jobs of the organizers, promoters,  callers, and cuers who work so hard to give us all a good time.

Additionally, the ability to securely register and pay for events online will help attract a younger generation.  That younger generation basically does everything online.  Bringing in new dancers is always a “good thing” for the future of Square Dancing.

I hope Weave The Ring lives up to your expectations and is more fun than a Yellow Rock! (Ok, not much is more fun than a Yellow Rock.  I’ll give you that.)

Please click below and let me know your thoughts.

Ray Owens — Weave The Ring