What We Do
Recommended Pricing Guidelines

Weave The Ring charges a base fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per item.

For every "product" that requires a registration form there is an additional $1.00 per item charge.

For every "product" which does NOT require a registration form there is an additional $0.50 per item charge.

What We Do

On a daily basis, we’ll email spreadsheets containing all new order information.  This includes financial data, registration information, and even specialty reports for Ways & Means, Camping, or specific product sales.

We’ll automatically deposit funds into your account.

For refunds, we’ll follow your event’s refund policy.  Be aware if you wish WTR to issue refunds, we’ll charge a 4% processing fee to recoup the fees Stripe charged.

Stripe is our credit card processor.  They have a product called “Stripe Connect.” We use that to automatically pay the “vendors,” (i.e., those clients who use Weave The Ring to process their items.) Vendors will set up an account with Stripe, we’ll create a vendor account, and then thru that vendor account, the vendor will connect their Stripe account to Weave The Ring’s. 

How To Compute A Price For Your Items

To ensure you get the amount you need to satisfy your financial goals, you’ll either (1) need to be prepared to absorb Weave the Ring’s fees itself or (2) include the processing fees into your price so that the end user pays the freight. (Almost everyone picks #2!)

There are two methods to pricing:

Even Dollar pricing makes it nice and simple and pretty easy to remember.  And it’s easier for people using paper forms to make calculations when they’re not having to deal with “cents” / numbers behind the decimal.  (Online registration lets the computer do the calculations.  There are no math errors!)

Exact dollar pricing computes how much the event needs to make per item, and then calculates the exact price to cover the processing charges.

If you’d like to examine, cell by cell, the formulas included in the tables below, you may download a spreadsheet which contains all of the information (including computation formulas) by clicking here. Once there, choose File / Download.

Even Dollar Pricing

For items which REQUIRE a registration form
For items which DO NOT REQUIRE a registration form

Exact Dollar Pricing

For items which REQUIRE a registration form
For items which DO NOT REQUIRE a registration form

Online Processing / Pricing Philosophy

Why Online Processing

The biggest advantage of them all: convenience to square dancing’s customers: the dancers! You want to make it easy to register for an event! Remove the hurdles. Make it painless. Filling out forms and mailing a check: hard. Filling out a form online and paying with a credit card: fall-off-a-greased-log easy.

There’s another issue Weave The Ring addresses: helping attract the next generation of dancers. Nearly everyone 50 and under has ordered something online. Nearly everyone 30 and under live on their mobile devices and can’t imagine having to register / buy something using … paper ?!? 

To have the art of square dancing survive, we must recruit new members. We must have practices which mirror the lives of those we’re attempting to recruit. (Else we’ll be seen as “out of touch” and having nothing in common with our potential new members.) If we are going to attract new dancers, Square Dancing must adapt its ways to reflect and complement our dancers’ lives. Part of the solution is to embrace e-commerce.

There Are Costs To Everything

There are no free lunches. There are costs to everything. Usually not recognized (or just ignored), paper registrations have an unbelievably high labor cost. (Receiving the forms. Transcribing the forms. Correcting mathematical errors. Order confirmation. Manual check deposits. Bounced check hassles. Someone has to actually do all of these things. Whether they’re volunteering or not, they’re still having to spend time on these mundane operations.) Additionally, paper registrations sent through the mail are frequently lost. If we haven’t been a USPS victim ourselves, we all have a tale of someone showing up to dance without the event knowing anything about them.

To be fair, online registrations aren’t free, either. Out of the amount we receive from the price of your product, we pay the credit card processing fees, software maintenance programs, software acquisition costs, hosting fees . . . basically, we’re passing along our costs to your event. Your event should pass along your expenses.

Incentives Work

Weave The Ring strongly encourages you to consider the incredible power of pricing as an incentive. We believe you should incentivize online registrations and disincentivize paper registrations. NEVER have a different price for online VS paper registrations.