Customer Refunds

Weave The Ring will process refunds in accordance with an event’s refund policy.  Some events may not require a 4% processing charge.  Some events may process refunds internally, sending refunds via check.

Events must have a stated refund policy, including refund deadlines, and any “holdback” provisions.

Below are “default” processing procedures:

For customer initiated cancellation requests:  In coordination with the event’s refund policy, Weave The Ring will reimburse the original purchase price of a MINUS a 4% processing charge MINUS any “Holdback” the event has specified.

For example, let’s take a $50 item.  If there is no “holdback” for this event then the customer would receive the original purchase price minus 4% of the original purchase price:

$50 – 4% ($2) =  $48.00 refund.

Let’s say, though, the event has a stated policy that a cancellation incurs a $10 holdback charge.

Then the customer would be refunded the original price minus a 4% processing charge minus the holdback amount.  In this case:

$50 – 4% ($2) – $10 =  $38.00 refund.

If the event initiates the cancellation, then the customer will be reimbursed the entire original purchase price of the REGISTRATION.

Tangible Products, if refundable / returnable, are also subject to a 4% processing charge MINUS any “Holdback” the event has specified.